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Direct questions to Coordinator Ronny Comstock, Email: or Bette Turner, Email: Bette may be
reached by phoning (318) 470-6264 or you may contact the event coordinator listed on schedule page. For Senior Residence Communities competition
information, contact Marilyn or Dick Hainey, 318-617-6765.
TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH: Louisiana Senior Olympic Games Inc., the sanctioning agency of our competition, str ongly ur ges that all
participants consult their physicians regarding their practice for and participation in this program.
ELIGIBILITY: This is an OPEN competition. Out -of-district and out-of-state entries are welcomed and encouraged. Anyone who will be 50
years of age as of December 31, 2018 is eligible. Distr ict competitor s ar e those fr om Caddo, Bossier , Bienville, Claibor ne, Webster ,
Desoto and Red River parishes.
AGE GROUPS: Age gr oups ar e 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89 and 90 and above. Whenever possible, we conform
to these age groups, but we reserve the right to combine age brackets to ensure medals are won through competition or to meet scheduling demands.
Age group is determined by contestantís age as of December 31 of this year. In team competition, including doubles events, age is
determined by the youngest player. WELCOME 40-49 AGE COMPETITORS in Track, the only event to have a special 40-49 age bracket.
Use this entry form. Fee is $15 and signed participation waiver must be sent in with entry form. Ribbons awarded in 40-49 age group.
FEES: Entr y fee is $15.00. Tr ack and field, bowling, tennis and table tennis ar e consider ed one event, no matter the number of subd ivisions
you enter within them. Bowling requires a $10.00 facility fee each in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles, 9-Pin No Tap, Team and
Scotch Doubles. Additional facility and usage fees also apply in Miniature Golf ($5.00), Golf ($35.00 for greens fee and cart), in addition to the
$15 basic entry. The Celebration of Athletes has a $5.00 fee for a participant who wishes to attend. Athletesí spouse (or guest) fee is also $5.00
with a limit of one guest per competitor. Competitorís spouse is considered to be a guest. Reservations must be made by May 14.
REGISTRATION: Use entr y blank in this publication or download entr y for m fr om our website (www.nwlsog.or g) and r etur n with all
fees and the signed release of liability BY THE ENTRY DEADLINE OF 12 pm (noon), TUESDAY, March 6 for Senior Residence Division
and 12 pm (noon) FRIDAY, March 16 for Open Division!
In doubles bowling events and Team Bowling, player must choose own partner or teammates and names should be listed on entry
form. If an individual must pull out of a doubles event on the day of play, we will attempt to help find a suitable partner. We wil l not accept a
doubles entry that does not list a partner. Team competition requires team captains to bring team roster for his or her team to competition. Commemorative
T-shirts and Seniorific magazine will be available at individual competitorís first event.
QUALIFYING EVENTS: Athletes must qualify for state competition in Bowling Singles (top thr ee scr atch scor es or age qualifying
scores), Advanced Horseshoes (top 3 places), and Table Tennis (top 3 places). Top two finishers in age groups in Discus, Shot Put, Javelin and
Shuffleboard qualify for state competition. Bowlers may qualify by reaching determined scoring levels. Golfers may qualify by finishing 1-2-3
or by meeting minimum scores (men 50-69 100 or less, 70-79 105 or less, 80-plus must complete round in four hours. Women 50-69 105 or
less, 70-79 110 or less, 80-plus must complete round in four hours).
MEDALS: In qualifying events, the top thr ee distr ict athletes in each event and age gr oup will be awar ded medals and out -of-state or
out-of-region athletes will be awarded duplicate medals based on their actual placement. District and out-of-district athletes may qualify for
their state games through finish in our district. (Please check with your state association to be sure they recognize this).
EQUIPMENT: Par ticipants must supply own equipment in tennis, golf and mar ksmanship (.22 pistols and .22 r ifles). You may br ing
your own table tennis paddle, subject to judgesí acceptance. TRACK AND FIELD: Implements will be provided according to age groups as
determined by the state. Shot Put and Discus will begin at 8:30 a.m. Javelin will start at 9:30 a.m. Running begins at 8:30 a .m. Order of track
events is 50 meters, 800 meters, 100 meters, 400 meters, 1,500 meters and 200 meters.
TEAM SPORTS: Bean Bag Baseball teams must have a minimum of 9 player s (maximum 15). Team Bowling r equir es four individuals,
two males and two females or four females. Scotch Doubles bowling makeup is two females or a male and a female.
TIME OF EVENTS: The Games schedule lists star ting times for the var ious events. Par ticipants should be r eady for play at a minimum
of 30 minutes before the listed time or at the specific time of registration if one is listed for an event. Game officials reserve the right to
cancel or postpone any event due to inclement or threatening weather or unusual circumstances and to change an event to multiple days if registration
warrants. Events may be cancelled if number of entries does not warrant them.
STATE GAMES: The LSOG mailing addr ess is 309 E. Shamr ock, Pineville, LA 71360 (1-318-487-1561). LSOG Website address:
Good luck and good fortune.
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