June 9, 2018


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In 2018 NW Louisiana District Senior Olympics’ Ladders Golf, an event that often makes competitors want to tear their hair out, no one came away bald.

Instead Duane Chilton, Gary Price, Robert Bates, Cheryl Festervan, Priscillia McGee and Jo Jernigan came away with their locks intact and a Gold Medal around their necks.

“The game and its unpredictability can be extremely frustrating. You can feel at one moment that you are going to win a point easily and then a subsequent toss can turn things totally around,” said one person familiar with the game. “I’ve seen players come away from a round almost on the verge of tears.”

Competitors try to gain points by wrapping a 15-inch cord with golf ball sized wooden balls at each end (called a bola) around a target (the ladder) 15 feet away made up of three bars stretched at different heights, determining point values. Points also depend on the number of wraps the bola makes around the bar.

Ladders Golf is a bracketed event, meaning competitors are matched in head-to-head matches against each opponent in their flight with the first player to 21 points declared the winner of a match.

Females: Ages 65-69–Cheryl Festervan Gold. Betty Smith Silver. Linda Johnson Bronze. Ages 70-74–Priscellia McGee Gold. Velma Johnson Silver. Margie Bamburg Bronze. 75-plus–Jo Jernigan Gold. Darlene Stone Silver. Jackie Conner Bronze. Males: Ages 65-79–Duane Chilton Gold. Dennis Bamburg Silver. Lionel Brangham Bronze. Ages 80-84–Gary Price Gold. George Jernigan Silver. James Russom Bronze. Ages 85-plus–Robert Bates Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.

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