June 6, 2018


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Bob Taylor and Barbara Wheeler proved to be the best in Accuracy Throwing during the 2018 NW La. District Senior Olympics.

In the event which awards points for skill in throwing a softball, a football and a Frisbee@ through a ring 30 inches in diameter, Taylor, tossing in the 75-79 age bracket, outdistanced all male entries by 60 points with a 170 score. Wheeler, in females 80-84, was 25 points better than the second best score posted among the female entries with a 105 score.

Most of the competitors were familiar with footballs and softballs. It seems controlling the flight of the Frisbee@ that makes a big difference in final scoring.

Mary Jones posted a score of 80 to finish behind Wheeler in the 80-89 age bracket. Gary Price in the 80-plus age group for males had a 110 score, closest to Taylor.

Females: Ages 65-69–Lillian Williams Gold. Paula Hadwin Silver. Shelly Quarles Bronze. Ages 70-74–Linda Comstock Gold. Peggy Chilton Silver. Ages 75-79–Glynda Brown Gold. Pat Bearden Silver. Ages 80-84–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Mary Jones Silver. Joann Lonadier Bronze. Ages 80-89–Maxine Thomas Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Bronze. Males: Ages 50-59–Johnny Lonadier Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. Ages 65-69–Robin Chandler Gold. Lionel Brangham Silver. Ages 75-79–Bob Taylor Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. Ages 80-plus–Gary Price Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.

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