May 11, 2018


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Kay Aldrich and Duane Chilton came to the finish line side-by-side in each of the distances of the NW La. District Senior Olympics Recreational Walk competition May 2 in Bossier City’s Brownlee Park.

The winning times were 13 minutes and 30 seconds in the one-mile and 43 minutes and 35 seconds in the 5 kilometer. Her performance continued Aldrich’s domination in the two distances. She has never lost in the district walks. She bested her closest competitors, Velma Johnson and Dawn Manning, by a minute and 25 seconds in the one-mile and Johnson by four minutes and 34 seconds in the 5K.

Chilton finished a minute ahead of his closest competition, Fred Walters, in the one mile and two minutes and nine seconds ahead of the runner-up, Walters again, in the 5K.

Lionel and Linda Brangham were in charge of the event this year.

Recreational One-Mile Walk
FEMALE: 60-64–Shelia Hunter 16:52:30 Gold. 65-69–Dawn Manning 14:55 Gold. 70-74–Velma Johnson 14:55 Gold. Peggy Case 16:28 Silver. Fay Scroggins 16:28 Silver. Marsh Brown 17:35 Bronze. 75-79–Kay Aldrich 13:30 Gold. MALE: 75-79–Duane Chilton 13:30 Gold. Fred Walters 14:30 Silver. Monty Brown 15:35:30 Bronze.
5K Recreational Walk
FEMALE: 55-59–Dawn Manning 47:02 Golf. 70-74–Velma Johnson 47:01 Gold. Kay Aldrich 43:35 Gold. MALE: 73-79–Duane Chilton 43:35 Gold. Fred Walters 45:44 Silver.

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