April 30, 2018


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Wayne Bamburg, who earlier in the NW La. District Senior Olympics captured a Gold Medal in the discus throw, was on target in washer pitch, winning another Gold Medal Monday (April 30) in Washer Pitch at Bellaire Fitness Center.

Bamburg finished ahead of Bobby Bearden and Johnny Lonadier in the medal race for competitors between the ages of 50 and 69.

Washer Pitch is a bracketed event, meaning many age groups were decided in face-to-face competition. Players score points by tossing a washer, used in ordinary mechanical work, into a cup three inches in diameter and 18 feet away. First player to score 11 points wins a match.

In the oldest age brackets, Jackie Conner won gold for the females and Robert Bates struck gold for the men.

Female: 55-64–Sheila Hunter Gold. Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69–Paula Hadwin Gold. Lillian Trammel Silver. Betty Smith Bronze. 70-74–Peggy Chilton Gold. Rita Bates Silver. Linda Brangham Bronze. 75-79–Pat Bearden Gold. Glynda Brown Silver. Virginia Jones Bronze. 80-84–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Atlean Snow Silver. Sally Vaughn Bronze. 85-89–Jackie Conner Gold. Dot Barnett Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze. Male: 50-69–Wayne Bamburg Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. Johnny Lonadier Bronze. 75-79–Bob Taylor Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. 80-84–George Jernigan Gold. Bill Snow Silver. James Russom Bronze. 85+–Robert Bates Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.

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