May 12, 2017


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Richard Gibson posted the highest score of the day in winning the Gold Medal for archers 50-54 years of age in the Male Compound Release division of the NW La. District Senior Olympics archery championship at Red River Bowmen’s Range May 6.

Gibson finished with 887 points (40x). The Silver Medal in the division went to Chip Hemphill with the second highest point total of the day, 868 (30x). Robert Miller, in winning the Gold Medal in the 60-64 age group, had the next highest total, 867 (20x).

Denise McKelvain and Becky Harris competed in the women’s compound release, Denise scoring 816 in the 50-54 age bracket and Becky 779 in the 60-64 age group.

The Results

Female Compound Release–Ages 50-54: Denise McKelvin Gold. Ages 60-64: Becky Harris Gold. Male Barebow Recurve (no sights) Ages 60-64: Timothy Wachtel Gold. Ages 70-74: Jim Metzger Gold. 87 with 40 in the Male Compound Release–Ages 50-54: Richard Gibson Gold. Chip Hemphill Silver. Todd Clifton Bronze. Ages 60-64: Robert Miller Gold. Ages 65-69: Kerry King Gold. Jacques Bulliard Silver. Jerry Harris Bronze. Ages 80-84: Bill Brown, Gold. Male Recurve (with sights)–Ages 55-59: Davis McKelvain Gold. Ages 65-69: Robert Lowry Gold.

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