April 25, 2017

Oldies Are Goodies in Shuffleboard

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The popular Shuffleboard doubles competition returned to the District schedule and Gary and Mary Price took home the Gold Medal for the 80-84 age bracket. And former National Senior Games Gold Medalist Jackie Conner and Robert Bates claimed singles titles in the two days of play at the Bill Cockrell Community Center, a new location for the shuffleboarding.

In singles play, Betty Smith graduated from a Bronze Medal in to Gold this year in the 65-69 age bracket for females while Delores Gentry moved up from silver in 2016 to gold this year.

Duane Chilton moved up an age bracket fron 2016 but had the same success, winning a Gold Medal in men’s 75-79 age group.

Doubles slipped off the schedule last year because officials tried to get doubles and singles played in the same day. Wiser heads scheduled singles and doubles on different days this year.


FEMALE—Ages 55-64: Gold - Shelly Quarles. Sliver - Donna Cole.Bronze - Patrica Pickett. Ages 65-69: Gold - Betty Smith. Silver - Linda Johnson. Bronze - Linda Brangham. Ages 70-74: Gold - Teresa Lambert. Silver - Linda Comstock. Bronze - Rita Bates. Ages 75-79: Gold- Cindy Cason. Silver-Marie PanQuin. Bronze- Mildred Reeves. Ages 80-84: Gold – Delores Gentry. Silver - Dot Young. Bronze - Dorothy Barnette. 85-90 plus: Gold - Jackie Conner. Silver - Maxine Thomas. Bronze - Marie Fitzgerald. MALE—Ages 55-74: Gold - Dywane Pickett. Silver - Bobby Bearden. Bronze - Dennis Bamburg. Ages 75-79: Gold - Duane Chilton. Silver - Chuck Lancaster. Bronze - Curtis Boyett. Ages 80-89: Gold - Robert Bates. Silver - Les Brosset. Bronze - George Jernigan.

Ages 55-59: Gold - Marie PanQuin / Shelly Quarles. Silver - Bobby Bearden / Dick Hainey. Bronze - Donna Cole / Velma Johnson. Ages 60-69: Gold - Dywane and Patricia Pickett. Silver - Ruby Thomas / Betty Smith. No bronze awarded. Ages 70-74: Gold - Duane Chilton / Peggy Tatum. Silver - Dennis and Margie Bamburg. Bronze - Robert and Rita Bates. Ages 75-79: Gold - Chuck and Jeri Lancaster. Silver - James Russom / Cindy Cason. Bronze - Mildred Reeves / Dot Young. Ages 80-84: Gold - Gary and Mary Price. Silver - Maxine Thomas / Barbara Wheeler. Bronze - Jo and George Jernigan.

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